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Your Personal Chef

This business was ignited from within my heart & soul to spread more simplicity & love to everyone I meet through the art of handcrafted Italian pasta & ravioli dishes, right in your very own home. It is an honor and a blessing to share this gift & labor of love, and to teach others how much magic is within our very own two hands. There is a reason our fellow Italian Nona's are living into their 100's... & the "secret" is routed in simplicity.


Being a first generation Italian American, and knowing how HARD my direct grandparents worked and all they did, sacrificed & the immense labor & load that went into coming into this country with their 4 children in 1957, I am so very proud to share this simple, beautiful craft passed down from my very own late Grandmother, Carmelina Pollio (and late Grandfather, Michele Pollio). From the depths of my heart to your dinner tables, there is a piece of me & my heritage sprinkled & left behind with every single event I have the pleasure of facing.


Over these past three years in business (and many more of experience in the cucina)  since I started this beautiful pasta story of mine, my business has blossomed into a beautiful testament of simplicity & love, along with the everlasting pursuit & belief in myself. From in home hands on pasta & ravioli crafting classes, parties & events, public collaborated events, baby+bridal showers, special occasions, private chef experiences & so on, I am so proud of what A Pasta Story has accomplished & shared. 


Knowing that my experience is an investment for any party, family, event or occasion, it is also a testimony and investment into the art & route of all of life: slowing down, enjoying, wine sipping & sharing wholesome food around the table with those who make us laugh & love-and need not forget to mention, the true magic & a beautiful reminder of what we can create with our very own two hands. EVERY single client of mine has turned into beloved FAMILY. Every curated event is held so deeply in my heart. My heart beams with every single dinner, curated event & special occasion I am so gratefully presented with.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being apart of my story.

PHOTOS (from top to bottom)

1) Fresh handcrafted traditional ricotta ravioli by yours truly, while we lived in Italy Oct. 2022. Photo taken in Villa Santa Croce where we completed a work stay harvesting olives for olive oil season.

2)My endlessly supporting half and I "prepping" (heavy on the emphasis) for the future, 9 months pregnant with our sweet baby boy, Oct. 2023

3) Me & my outstanding, world traveling daughter, at my grandmother's best friends house, Gennaro, in Meta, Italy. 

4)A collage of photos gifted to me during my visit to my family in Italy in 2019, and a sweet note written by my grandmother when leaving Italy to come to America. Read it if you can ;)

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